Town 'Camp Kill the Jews' to Change Name

A small Spanish town has realized after nearly 400 years that maybe its name of “Camp Kill the Jews” doesn't invite the best reputation. On Sunday, 52 of Castrillo Matajudios' 56 eligible voters took to the polls to scrap the offensive name that had been in place since at least 1623. Apparently, a good chunk of the residents still really liked a name that had “kill the Jews” in it because the final vote was 29 in favor of changing the name with a solid 19 opposed. Four votes were disqualified. Interestingly enough, the town actually had Jewish origins. It is believed that Jews forced to convert during the Inquisition and their descendants felt the need to give the town a strongly anti-Jewish name to prove their faith during the Counter-Reformation. The town is set to change its name to the less than catchy “Hill of the Jews,” or Mota de Judios.