Trevor Noah Thinks Sean Hannity’s Trump Jr. Defense Is ‘Dumb as F*ck’

‘The Daily Show’ host mocked Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox News’ lame efforts to explain away Donald Trump Jr.’s behavior.

Comedy Central

Donald Trump Jr. may be in some serious trouble over his previously undisclosed and possibly nefarious meeting with a Russian lawyer last summer. But at least he still has Fox News on his side.

“Most people agree that it’s collusion, or at the very least that it’s very shady,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah said Wednesday night. “But most people don’t work at Fox News, the billion-dollar fear and sexual-harassment factory whose entire reason for being seems to be defending the Trump administration.” And the opportunity to defend Trump Jr. is “the moment they’ve been training for.” He deemed it “The Doncathlon.”

The gold medal winner of Noah’s competition was the man who was able to come up with “the most unlikely conspiracy theory”: none other than Sean Hannity. Before Hannity hosted Trump Jr. on his show for nearly 30 minutes Tuesday night, he presented the idea that, perhaps, the meeting in question was “set up by Democratic operatives” as a trap. “You won’t catch this on the other news channels,” he told his viewers.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Noah said in response. “You won’t. Because it’s dumb as fuck.”

“Really? The Democrats set up this meeting?” he asked. “Tricked Don Jr. into colluding with the Russians and then never used it? That was the plan?”

The host also awarded prizes to Jesse Watters and Gregg Jarrett, but there was one competitor who rose above the rest: “The slick-haired man-sperm of Donald J. Trump,” Donald Trump Jr. himself.

Responding to Trump Jr.’s Hannity appearance the night before, Noah said, “I love this. He’s totally confessing but with the tone of somebody who thinks he’s giving an alibi.”

And as for Trump Jr.’s argument that he should get a pass because the meeting took place before the country had “Russia fever,” Noah added, “‘Yeah, no one was talking about collusion before we did it.’ That’s kind of how that works. First you do the thing and then the people start to talk about it.”