Trump Aide Has History of ‘Inappropriate’ Behavior

Corey Lewandowski, the Donald Trump presidential campaign manager who has been accused of assaulting a female reporter, has faced claims of inappropriately aggressive or sexist behavior, according to a report published by Politico. In interviews the magazine conducted with 20 sources close to Lewandowski during his time with Trump and at his previous job, a pattern of complaints shows a history of being “rough with reporters” and “sexually suggestive with female journalists,” Politico writes. The 42-year-old operative would allegedly act aggressively toward conservative officials or coworkers—often with profanity—if he believed they were challenging his authority. In one instance in October 2013, while Lewandowski worked at the Americans for Prosperity, he reportedly chastised a female employee at a board meeting, calling her “cunt” in front of senior foundation officials. On the campaign trail, several female reporters told Politico that they’ve witnessed or experienced him making vulgar and sexual comments to female journalists covering Trump. One reporter described them as “completely inappropriate in a professional setting.” Lewankdowski allegedly wouldn't comment on the "cunt" story but denied the other accusations in emails with the magazine. Last week, Lewandowski was accused of grabbing and bruising former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields; he has since called her “delusional” and an “attention seeker.”