Trump and Clinton Tied in Latest Poll

A New York Times and CBS News poll shows a tightening race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton. Less than two months before the general election, Clinton is supported by about 46 percent of likely voters, while Trump has the support of 44 percent. When considering all registered voters, Trump has only 41 percent, with Clinton holding the support of 46 percent. When the poll is extended to include the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, however, Clinton and Trump hold 42 percent each. Libertarian Gary Johnson measures 8 percent. Green Party candidate Jill Stein has the support of only 4 percent. Neither Clinton nor Trump, according to the poll, has successfully won over their base. According to the poll, even of those who say they will vote for one of the two, nearly half say they just don’t want the other major party candidate to win or that they have “reservations” about their chosen nominee.