Trump Considered Dumping ‘Liberal’ Gorsuch Over Loyalty Fears: Report

President Donald Trump ranted about potentially rescinding Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination over fears that Gorsuch would not be “loyal” to him, The Washington Post reports. Eleven people familiar with the matter said Trump believed Gorsuch was ungrateful for the nomination. (Gorsuch sent Trump a handwritten thank-you note, which was reportedly delayed in reaching Trump.) Trump also reportedly mused aloud about rescinding Gorsuch’s nomination, after Gorsuch criticized Trump’s Twitter attacks on federal judges. In private Senate hearings, which were later described to the press, Gorsuch reportedly described Trump’s attacks on judges as “disheartening” and “demoralizing.” The confession reportedly led Trump to question Gorsuch’s loyalty to him and to remark to a room of fellow Republicans that Gorsuch was “probably going to end up being a liberal like the rest of them.” The White House has denied that Trump ever considered rescinding Gorsuch’s nomination.