Trump Denies Foundation Claims, Provides No Contrary Evidence

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Tuesday night released a statement denying The Washington Post’s report that he’d used more than $250,000 from his nonprofit charitable foundations to settle lawsuits involving his businesses. “They’ve gotten their facts wrong. It is the Clinton Foundation that is set up to make sure the Clintons personally enrich themselves by selling access and trading political favors,” spokesman Jason Miller said. “The Trump Foundation has no paid board, no management fees, no rent or overhead, and no family members on its payroll.” The Post’s article claimed Trump’s use of the charity money may have violated “self-dealing” laws. While Miller’s statement said the Post’s piece was inaccurate, it did not specifically deny many of the claims and never provided evidence that contradicted the reporting. Miller said the Trump Foundation had no “intent or motive” to make “improper payments.” He added, “All contributions are reported to the IRS, and all Foundation donations are publicly disclosed.”