Trump Doubles Down on Claim That Russia Pulled Out of Venezuela: I’m ‘Always Right’

President Trump doubled down on his assertion that Russia had pulled personnel out of Venezuela on Wednesday—despite the Russian government denying it—telling a reporter he was “always right.” When questioned by a reporter about Russia’s opposing claims, the president urged them to “just watch” what happens. “Well, let’s just see who’s right. You know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna see in the end who’s right,” he said. “And we’ll see who is right... Ultimately I’m always right.” The remark comes after the president tweeted on Tuesday that Russia informed the U.S. it has “removed most of their people from Venezuela,” where it was backing President Nicolas Maduro’s contested leadership. Russia flatly denied Trump’s claim, telling reporters there were “no official messages in this regard from the Russian side nor could there be any.”