Trump Explains Sweden Remark

President Trump explained Sunday that baffling remarks about Sweden made during a rally in Florida referred to a TV segment on Fox News—not a terror attack. “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” Trump said to Florida rally-goers. Those watching the speech assumed he was talking about some kind of incident that had taken place in Sweden, but there was no such terror attack. After an international backlash—including a scathing message from a former Swedish prime minister—Trump tweeted on Sunday: “My statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.” The segment in question involved a filmmaker who was discussing allegations of increased crime tied to refugees in the country. On Monday morning, Trump tweeted a familiar attack on the news media: “Give the public a break—The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!”