Trump: ‘We’re Going to Take a Strong Look’ at Changing Libel Laws

President Trump declared Wednesday that current libel laws are a “sham and a disgrace,” and that his administration will look into changing them. The comment came while the president once again bemoaned Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, which included bombshell reporting about Trump’s mental state and claims from former top White House strategist Steve Bannon about members of the West Wing in the president’s orbit. “If somebody says something that is totally false and knowingly false, the person who has been abused, defamed, libeled will have meaningful recourse,” Trump said. “You can’t say things that are false or knowingly false and smile as money pours into your bank account.” He continued: “Our current libel laws are a sham and a disgrace and do not represent American values or American fairness. So we’re going to take a strong look at that.”