Undocumented Employees at Trump Golf Club Say They Were Told to Work Overtime Without Pay

Undocumented employees at Trump National Golf Club Westchester in New York say they were sometimes instructed to work overtime without pay, The Washington Post reports. The head waiter of the Grille Room restaurant, Jose Gabriel Juarez, told the newspaper his managers told him to clock out but continue to do side work without receiving any overtime pay. Juarez also claimed that the club shaved two to four hours off his paystubs, paying him even less. Jose Blandon recalled to the paper that he and his son were sometimes required to work 60 hours one week and 20 hours the next, an alleged practice known an “averaging hours.” Despite the number of hours worked totaling to two 40-hour weeks, Blandon and his son say they did not receive overtime pay—which violates labor laws. “This bothered me a lot,” Blandon said. “I felt this was labor abuse.” 

A spokesman for the New York attorney general’s office confirmed to the Post the office has received complaints from workers about the conditions at the club, and Juarez said some ex-employees will have follow-up meetings with prosecutors in coming weeks. The Trump Organization told the Post the former employees’ claims were “total nonsense” and were “unsubstantiated allegations from illegal immigrants.[.]”