Trump: I’m ‘Starting to Agree’ with ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants

Donald Trump told supporters in Colorado on Friday that he is “starting to agree” with the “Lock Her Up" chants frequently directed at Hillary Clinton. “We’re running against a person that was just accused of being negligent, of being others, and of lying, lying,” Trump said during the rally in Colorado Springs. “How do you lie to the FBI and now you’re running for president?” he shouted, prompting “Lock Her Up” cheers from the crowd. Trump smirked as the crowd grew louder, before declaring: “I’ve been saying ‘Let’s just beat her on November 8th,’ but you know what, I’m starting to agree with you.”

Trump also rehashed and doubled down on some of his most controversial comments from the primary season, including claiming his false claim that “thousands” of Arabs were seen celebrating the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey. The GOP nominee also blamed the media for controversies surrounding his saying that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever,” and his imitating a New York Times reporter’s physical disability. “At the time, I did the act. I did the whole thing with the groveling,” Trump said of a speech in which he appeared to mock reporter Serge Kovaleski’s disability. “I didn’t know he was disabled.”