Trump Implies New Accuser Was Too Ugly to Sexually Harass

Donald Trump on Thursday accused all the women who've come forward in the past 24 hours to allege he sexually harassed or assaulted them as being pawns of the Clintons. “These attacks are orchestrated by the Clintons and their media allies,” Trump said at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida. “What they say is false and slanderous in virtually every respect.” Earlier Thursday morning, Trump smeared one of the accusers, a writer for People, for not coming forward sooner with her allegation that Trump pushed her up against a wall and “forc[ed] his tongue down my throat.” Trump said of the woman, Natasha Stoynoff: “Look at her. Look at her words. Tell me what you think. I don’t think so.” He also went after one of his favorite targets, the media, for publishing the allegations. “Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe and morally deformed,” he said. “They will attack you. They will slander you. They will seek to destroy your career and your family. They will seek to destroy everything about you including your reputation.” Trump has denied all of the allegations against him, and threatened to sue The New York Times for its “reckless” and “defamatory” story about two additional women who say Trump sexually assaulted them.