Trump: It’s ‘Crazy’ How the World Waits for Me to Tweet From Bed

During an interview with the former Apprentice winner Piers Morgan, President Donald Trump said that his early morning tweetstorms sometimes come direct from his bed in the White House residence. Morgan told Trump that every morning the whole world is waiting for him to wake up and start firing off his incendiary social media messages. “It’s a crazy situation,” Trump admitted, although he said it was the only way for him to battle the so-called fake news. “If I don't have that form of communication, I can't defend myself,” he said during the interview broadcast on the ITV network in Britain. Morgan asked: “Are you actually lying in bed with your phone working out how to wind everybody up?” Trump ignored the implication that he was an elite Twitter troll, but admitted that he was sometimes still tucked up in his bed when he started. “Well, perhaps sometimes in bed, perhaps sometimes at breakfast or lunch or whatever.” Trump said he usually posted the messages himself outside of his busy office hours. “Generally speaking during the early morning, or during the evening I can do that,” he said. Morgan asked Trump if he had a message for the many people who don’t like him in Britain—where he is expected to make a state visit soon. “I don’t care! I don’t say anything, because—you know why? I don’t care.”