Trump Lashes Out at ‘Nasty, Vindictive, Horrible’ Pelosi After Saying She Wants Him in Prison

It was only a matter of time. Donald Trump has reacted furiously to Nancy Pelosi’s reported remarks that she wanted to see the president “in prison,” calling the House speaker a “nasty, vindictive, horrible person.” Pelosi is said to have told Democrats pushing for impeachment that she would prefer to see Trump thrown in jail rather than just removed from office. Her spokeswoman didn’t confirm or deny the comment. With a cemetery at the site of the Normandy landings over his shoulder, Trump hit back in an interview with Fox News, saying: “I actually don’t think [Pelosi] is a talented person... I’ve tried to be nice to her because I would’ve liked to have gotten some deals done. She’s incapable of doing deals... She’s a nasty, vindictive, horrible person.” The interview was recorded at the site of D-Day commemorations in France, where Trump joked with Fox host Laura Ingraham about how he was “holding up” the 75th anniversary ceremony to do an interview with her.