Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen to CNN: We’re Losing? ‘Says Who?’

Michael Cohen, a lawyer for the Trump Organization and frequent spokesperson for Donald Trump, summed up the campaign’s take on the candidate’s flailing poll numbers—especially in key battleground states—with two words: “Says who?” During a Wednesday CNN appearance, host Brianna Keilar asked Cohen to comment on the what was described as a “shakeup” in Trump’s campaign staff, noting in the process, “You guys are down.” Cohen quickly interrupted her by asking, “Says who?” When Keilar replied, “Polls,” he repeated his question, followed by, “Which polls?” Keilar said, “All of them.” Cohen had no rebuttal for that point. As of Wednesday evening,’s polls-only forecast gives Hillary Clinton an 88.3-percent chance of winning the presidency while The New York Times measure has her at 87 percent.