Trump Lawyers Fight Back Against Fast-Tracking of House Subpoena Case

In court documents filed Monday, lawyers for President Trump fought back against a judge’s order to fast-track his lawsuit over a House subpoena for Trump’s financial records—claiming the move “would undermine [Trump’s] constitutional due-process rights.”

According to The Washington Post, U.S. District Judge Amit P. Mehta said she would decide on the House Oversight Committee’s subpoena for Trump-related records from accounting firm Mazars USA on Tuesday. The Hill reports that in the filing, Trump’s attorneys claimed the expedited schedule would not give them a “full and fair opportunity” to prepare for the trial and for the court to consider the merits of their “constitutional claim.” Therefore, they reportedly asked that tomorrow’s hearing be canceled altogether or be limited to discussing the preliminary injunction on the subpoena for Mazars’ financial documents about Trump.

Oversight Committee Chair Elijah Cummings (D-MD) issued a “friendly subpoena” to Mazars USA for several years worth of Trump’s financial records. Trump’s lawyers subsequently filed a lawsuit to stop the subpoena from being carried out.