Trump Lectures Press on Border Wall, Takes No Questions

President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to the White House press briefing room Thursday to lecture the press on the need for a border wall. “We need protection in country... we’re gonna make it good,” Trump told reporters. “I have never had it anything like it. I have never had this much support.” The president introduced various officials from the National Border Patrol Counsel to back up his assertions that a border wall is needed to stop criminals and drugs from entering the United States. “Walls work. I promise you that if you interview border patrol agents, they will say they work,” Brandon Judd, National Border Patrol Counsel president, told reporters.

After Trump took the podium once more to claim the U.S. economy is doing so well that it is “bringing people in,” he left without taking questions from reporters. “The point of the briefing room is to take questions!” one reporter shouted as White House officials exited the room.