Trump on Ending Child-Separation Policy: ‘I Didn’t Like the Sight’ of It

President Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order halting his administration’s policy of separating migrant families detained at the border—a policy the Trump White House had previously denied existed, then took credit for, and then blamed Democrats for. “It’s about keeping families together, while at the same time being sure that we have a very powerful, very strong border,” Trump said inside the Oval Office, flanked at his desk by Vice President Mike Pence and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. “I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of families being separated,” the president claimed. Trump’s reversal comes after days worth of false claims by the White House that the president was powerless to end the policy on his own. On Monday, the president said “the Democrats have to change their law,” and on Tuesday,  Nielsen declared, “this administration did not create a policy of separating families at the border.”