Trump Praises Bolsonaro

Donald Trump tweeted a message of support to the new far right President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, a former Army captain who was sworn into office on Tuesday. Bolsonaro campaigned on a platform of homophobia, intolerance and strong-man promises to win the presidency. The newly-minted leader has routinely praised Brazil’s military dictatorship, which only gave way to democracy in 1985, contrasting life under authoritarian rule with the current state of chaos in Brazil where 60,000 homicides were reported last year alone. Trump tweeted that Bolsonaro had “made a great inauguration speech” adding, “The U.S.A. is with you!” In his speech, Bolsonaro promised to combat the “ideology of gender” teaching in schools, to “respect our Judeo-Christian tradition” and “prepare children for the job market, not political militancy.”