Trump Calls Out Fox News for ‘Very Strange’ Town Hall With ‘Crazy’ Bernie Sanders

President Trump took to Twitter Tuesday to express his confusion at seeing Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) welcomed on his beloved Fox News. Fox broadcast a Tax Day town hall event on Monday night featuring Sen. Sanders. At one point during the town hall, hosted by Bret Baier, the audience erupted in applause when asked by Baier if they would support Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal. Trump also shared his confusion over Fox hiring former Democratic National Committee chairwoman and CNN political analyst Donna Brazile as a contributor. “So weird to watch Crazy Bernie on @FoxNews. Not surprisingly, @BretBaier and the ‘audience’ was so smiley and nice. Very strange, and now we have @donnabrazile?” Trump tweeted. Baier responded to the president’s tweets by thanking him for watching and saying that they “cover all sides.” “Thanks for watching Mr. President - we’d love to have you on a town hall soon — or even an interview on @SpecialReport — it’s been awhile. We cover all sides,” Baier tweeted.