Trump Regrets Attacking Heidi Cruz

In a New York Times Magazine profile, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he regretted his decision to retweet an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz that set off a series of blows with then-contender Ted Cruz. The night of the tweet, he allegedly checked Twitter, as he frequently did when “he felt the passing urge to ‘knock the crap out of’ somebody.” The tweet compared Heidi to Trump’s ex-model wife Melania. The action led to a public debate over Heidi’s attractiveness—and whether the conversation was sexist—followed by a National Enquirer story that accused “Lyin’ Ted” of cheating. In The New York Times, reporter Robert Draper writes that Trump came “to regret his decision to retweet the Heidi Cruz photo that night,” which “had dogged him for weeks.” Trump said, “I could’ve done without it. Some people were offended.”