Trump Suggests a ‘Rope’ for Mexicans on Top of His Border Wall

During a town-hall meeting in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Donald Trump said if elected president he would build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border so tall that no one could scale it—or would regret it if they did. “Once they get up there,” he said, “there will be no way to get down. Well, maybe a rope, but...” Daily Beast contributor Justin Glawe noticed the “rope” reference and its lynching undertone. Trump also made allegations that violence in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, were based on “gangs” of “illegals.” In reference to said “illegals,” Trump noted “We got bad dudes out there. Bad ones. If I’m president we’ll get them out of here so fast you’re head’s gonna spin.” He also promised to remove them from the country on the first day of his presidency. “Day one. If I win, day one of my presidency, they’re getting out. We’re getting them out. We’re getting them out fast,” Trump said.