Trump to Remain Executive Producer of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

President-elect Donald Trump will retain executive producer credit on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, even while in the White House, Variety reported Thursday afternoon. The popular reality-TV series returns in the new year for its 15th season, featuring new host Arnold Schwarzenegger. Trump’s continued financial stake in the television show adds to the pile of conflict-of-interest concerns about his incoming presidency. Variety notes that it is unclear how much his per-episode fee, paid through the production entity MGM, will be—with speculation that it will be in the low five-figures, at minimum. Trump stopped hosting the program in early 2015 as he began his political career, and NBC ended up cutting ties to him altogether after his June 2015 declaration that Mexican immigrants tend to be rapists and criminals. His involvement in the show also came under scrutiny this year after former staffers and participants on the show spoke to various outlets, including The Daily Beast, alleging inappropriate behavior by Trump during its tapings.