Trump Touts His Own Military Leadership in Thanksgiving Message to Troops

In a Thanksgiving message to U.S. troops on Thursday, President Trump praised overseas service members and said the U.S. military is “really winning” since he took office. Trump spoke directly to five branches of the military in a teleconference from Palm Beach, where he told troops they are fighting for “something real,” including a booming stock market and “big, beautiful fat tax cuts.” Calling troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq “very, very special people,” the president praised the Marines for bringing “defeat after defeat” against ISIS, saying “we’re really winning.” “You weren't winning before. They were letting you play even. We want to let you win,” he said. “Everybody is talking about the progress you've made in Afghanistan since I opened it up, and you've turned it around in the last three-to-five months like nobody has seen,” Trump said. “The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher. We’re very, very happy on this Thanksgiving Day.”