Trump Uses Foreign Labor He Plans to Ban

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he will ban the use of foreign student labor through J-1 work visas, but an Associated Press report revealed that his company is benefiting from the program. The J-1 visa program brings in about 300,000 student workers with “specialized skills” to the United States annually, the agency reported. But Trump says it’s really used by companies looking for cheap labor and that he pledges to replace it “with a résumé bank for inner-city youth.” In particular, employees of Trump’s Chicago hotel say it has long-used J-1 visas to fill the establishment’s restaurants and reception desk. The news agency also pointed to a 2008 report showing that Trump’s three casinos in Atlantic City had employed 75 J-1 workers that year. “We can’t expect individual companies to drive up their own costs,” Trump said. But he told the AP that his approach to the presidency would be different. A businessman’s goal is to “be more profitable than your competitors,” he said. “The job of a president is to represent every single working American.”