Trump: ‘You Will Know Exactly What I’m Worth'

Possible Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said Friday that if he runs for office, “you are going to know exactly what I’m worth.” Despite having filed for bankruptcy as recently as 2009, Trump said his net worth is “many, many, many times” that of Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor who has announced plans to run for president. Without revealing any numbers, Trump insisted Forbes’ magazine estimation of his net worth at $2.7 billion is actually “very, very low relative to what my real net worth is.” But the true numbers may come out before that: CNN’s Eliot Spitzer and Jeffrey Toobin said they are digging into a deposition by Trump in a 2007 libel case that called into question his net worth. In 2004, Trump lost majority control of his casino business under a bankruptcy restructuring plan, and in 2009, Trump quit his position as the chairman of Trump Entertainment Resorts after that company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection while having estimated assets of $2.06 billion and debts of $1.74 billion.