Trump's Letter to the Editor

How does he find the time? In the past few weeks, Donald Trump has reached out to the media through hand-written letters in attempt to debunk "wrong" facts. First, the Donald penned a lengthy letter to the editor of The New York Times in response to Gail Collins' April 2 column, "Donald Trump Gets Weirder." In the letter, he slams Collins' writing skills and maintains his stance on the issue of "birtherism." "Her storytelling ability and word usage (coming from me, who has written many bestsellers), is not at a very high level," Trump eloquently stated in the letter's opening paragraph. On March 24, Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter also received a little something from Trump—a package including a printout of a VF blog post on which he took the liberty of showing off his own editing skills while criticizing those of the writer, using a Sharpee for extra emphasis. “You never got the ‘Trump thing,’” Trump wrote on the printout, addressing Carter.