Tucker Carlson: Women Accusing Halperin Should Name Themselves

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday questioned why women who accuse men of sexual harassment get to remain anonymous, proclaiming on Tucker Carlson Tonight that “American justice” is not supposed to work that way. In a discussion with radio host Tammy Bruce over a series of recent sexual harassment allegations against journalist Mark Halperin, Carlson noted that “a lot of the accusations are coming anonymously.” “That doesn’t mean they’re not true. But one of the keys to American justice, I think, has always been you get to face your accuser. You get to know what you’re being accused of and you get to know who’s charging it. And that seems to not be enforced anymore,” he said. He went on to question how news organizations have been covering recent sexual misconduct scandals, which have now hit not only big names in Hollywood but also prominent figures in the media world. “I wonder why news organizations sort of only print half the story,” he said.