Tucker Max's Gross-Out Film

Perhaps they serve popcorn and candy in Hell, too. This month, Tucker Max—the 33-year-old boorish author of the mega-bestselling I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell—has embarked on a promotional tour for his upcoming film based on the book, and he's proving to be as gleefully despicable in person as he is on the page or on his blog. The film is about a bachelor party gone wrong, whose “protagonist lusts after married women, little people, and the disabled, who calls women every synonym for prostitute he knows and agonizes on screen through the effects of a laxative-laden beer," Dave Itzkoff writes in The New York Times. Following a sneak preview of the film in New York, one of 600 fans who attended asked Max what he should tell friends who detest him. “When you talk sense to a fool, they call you foolish,” he responded. “Don’t sweat it, dude.”