Twitter Reacts to Penn State Sanctions

Students and alumni react to the Penn State sanctions. See their tweets.

Insta-reactions came quick Monday morning in the moments after NCAA president Mark Emmert gave word that the Penn State Football program would suffer greatly for its enabling of the crimes committed by once-assistant couch Jerry Sandusky.

The school was fined $60 million, its team is now banned from playing bowl or postseason games for the next four years, and any wins obtained under Joe Paterno since 1998 were wiped clean off the record—stripping the former coach of his 'most winningest' football coach title for good.

Students were furious. Many took to Twitter to ask why the NCAA was attacking them by proxy of its sanctions. For alumni, the situation was slightly more complicated. The general public, however, held no reserves in calling for the program's proverbial head—many said the league did not go far enough in its seemingly unprecedented rulings.

We've gathered a sampling of their tweets below, with some sent in following a call from The Daily Beast's Twitter for #psualumreax.

Tweets from students in State College, PA

Tweets from PSU alumni

Tweets from those who feel the sanctions could have been stiffer

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