Not Again

Two Killed in Egypt Military Crackdown

Two men died Friday from bullet wounds after Egypt's military attempted to drive protesters from Tahrir Square, medical sources say. The military denies using live ammunition, saying they fired blanks. They also beat hundreds of protesters with clubs in the 3 a.m. crackdown and dragged several protesters away. After several hours of gunfire, the army used teargas to disperse the crowd, which had gathered to call for the prosecution of Hosni Mubarak by the interim military government. Protesters also criticized the current government, which they increasingly see as corrupt and protective of Mubarak's regime. Several army officers joined in the demonstration, and at one point people shouted, “The people want the fall of the field marshal.” Despite attempts to drive out the protesters, several hundred remained in the morning. "Thank God, we resisted them (the army), and we are still here,” said one protester.