Two Men Charged For Instigating Riots That Led To Irish Journalist Lyra McKee’s Murder

Two men have been charged with rioting offenses after allegedly initiating the North Ireland disturbance last month that led to the fatal shooting of journalist Lyra McKee, authorities said. Paul McIntyre, 51, and Christopher Gillen, 38, were arrested and charged on Thursday with riot, petrol bomb offenses, and arson of a hijacked vehicle for the April 18 protests. Prosecutors allege the pair are connected to the paramilitary group the New IRA, which allegedly orchestrated the riots where McKee was shot and killed. The New IRA has previously claimed responsibility for the McKee death. On Saturday, McIntyre and Gillen appeared before Derry magistrates court and refused to stand or recognize the court. Both have been denied bail. “I have to bear in mind these gentlemen, there’s no evidence either of them belong to any paramilitary organization but they are a part of an organization with a defined ideology,” district judge Barney McElholm said on Saturday. “There is no address anywhere in this city which would be suitable in this case, at any stage. I will refuse bail.”