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‘Uber Bae’ Questioned by Police, Threatened With Lawsuit

An Uber driver whose tweetstorm detailed how she delivered a ‘side-bitch’ to her cheating boyfriend has been visited by the police—who wanted her passenger’s luggage back.

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast

The epic tale of Uber Bae, the female Uber driver who picked up a woman at the airport who told her she was in town on a romantic visit, and then proceeded to get dropped off at Uber Bae’s boyfriend’s house, became a compulsively readable disaster love story after Uber Bae—whose real name is Bre but has wisely refused to disclose her last name—tweeted out the episode under her handle @Msixelaa.

Bre’s working day as an Uber driver on Monday began like any other, if perhaps slightly tinged by sadness, as, first thing that morning, her boyfriend had packed his suitcases and driven off to visit his mother in New York for a few days.

Bre headed to the airport, where she collected her first ride: a chatty woman who, after telling her she was in town for a romantic assignation, took a bottle of water and borrowed her phone cord.

Bre wasn’t suspicious at first because the address she had entered was for a large apartment complex.

Bre tweeted that her stomach “started to drop” after they entered the complex and as they got closer to “a familiar building and I see his car outside.”

Needless to say, all hell broke loose when her man came out of the building to help unload the bags.

“Unfortunately,” Bre tweeted, “Uber’s sytem doesn't discriminate against side bitches, so it connects you to closest fare.”

In the heat of the moment, Uber Bae drove off with the woman’s luggage—which was apparently contained in trash bags—in her trunk.

This has now turned out to be not such a great move.

In an interview with TMZ Friday, she says that police showed up at her job—and she gave them the trash bags.

She added that her boyfriend’s mom is threatening her that if she posts “his picture” or says “his name, she’s going to sue me for defamation of character. I’m not calling him anything.”

Bre said that despite some lucrative offers to milk her brief notoriety, she is done with it, and is going to change her number and stop talking about it as she has no wish to continue to apply “pressure” to the situation, adding that she only ever tweeted out of anger in the first place, not as part of some preconceived master plan to become a poster-girl for irate jilted girlfriends everywhere (which she now is).