Uber Launches Sneak Attack on Lyft

Uber has been working hard to make it impossible for rival Lyft to get a foothold in communities by launching an onslaught of “brand ambassadors.” The Verge uncovered that Uber has hired contractors to call for Lyft rides, recruit the drivers, and then go out of the way to cover their tracks. The campaign, called “SLOG,” has caused thousands of canceled Lyft rides. Uber used independent contractors to create dummy Lyft accounts equipped with burner phones and credit cards. As Lyft got wise to the plains, Uber had them call from different locations to avoid detection and had on-the-ground teams to gather intelligence on Lyft's different launches. Uber has denied these accusations of sabotage, but a contractor validated the claim. “Not only does Uber know about this, they’re actively encouraging these actions day-to-day and, in doing so, are flat-out lying both to their customers, the media, and their investors,” he said,