Money Talks

Uh, Take Him Seriously Now

Will Romney's May haul finally make the Obama team take him seriously?

This news that Romney and the RNC outraised Obama and the DNC in May should be alarming to the Democrats. First, it shows that the Wall Street gap is real, and raises the question of what pond Obama is going to fish in to make up for the loss of Wall Street money.

Second, it shows that the country's moneyed class is serious about this, poor things, with all their hurt little feelings because Barack said a couple of mean things about them.

And third, I think it shows the Citizens United effect. A little perspective. Obama raised just $21 million in May 2008. So these numbers are smashing 2008's. But what's really important isn't that Obama is beating his old numbers. It's how badly Romney and his affiliiated PACs are beating them. Of Romney's $76 million, just $12 million came in small donations. The vast majority of his dough came from comparatively large donors. That money will keep pouring in with no limit.

I would think that this will make the Obama people take Romney seriously. They don't, really. They don't quite believe that America will elect such a man as Willard Mitt Romney. I see what they mean. He's a piece of spaghetti in terms of what he stands for, and a class-drenched jerk besides. On the other hand, it was a rather more of a reach for America to elect a man named Barack Hussein Obama. The Obama people may not be up against a good candidate. But they are up against a strong campaign team and a large and bumptious class of rich people who are stupid or selfish enough to think that what Obama has been doing amounts to war on them. And they'd better take all of that very seriously.