Uighurs Bask in Bermuda Sun

For four Uighur Muslims, a long, improbable, and truly awful journey from China, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, to Guantanamo Bay, and finally, to the idyllic island of Bermuda, has reached a blissful end. Since their recent arrival in paradise, the men—wrongly suspected of being terrorists—have taken their first ever dip in the ocean and hooked their first fish, and they’re enjoying a warm reception from the locals. One of the four called his first ocean experience “the happiest day of my life.” The men, surprisingly, have no hard feelings for the U.S., which had held them since 2001 and subjected them to interrogations. The Chinese government still insists the Uighur detainees be returned to their home country to face charges of treason, but the four do not seem too concerned. They are simply content to begin building new lives far, far away from home.