U.K. Defense Ministry Refutes Gorka’s Military Claims

The U.K.’s defense ministry is pushing back on claims made by White House adviser Sebastian Gorka regarding his military record with the Territorial Army, the country’s reserves, as a language specialist. Gorka, who is Hungarian born, has claimed in the past that his reserve unit was charged to prevent terror attacks, and that he worked in Northern Ireland—both of which were questioned by the U.K.’s defense ministry, according to BuzzFeed News. The website also reported that these doubts about Gorka’s military record contributed to his security clearance to work in the Hungarian Parliament being denied. The ministry concluded that it would be highly unlikely for a language specialist with an eastern European background to be deployed to Northern Ireland, but it was unable to confirm that nobody from his unit was ever sent to Northern Ireland. Gorka is reportedly leaving the White House soon, but he has pushed back on those suggestions.