Ukraine: Russia Had Direct Role in MH17

Ukraine believes it has proof that Russia supplied separatist rebels with the surface-to-air missile system that brought down MH17, according to statements made Saturday. The head of counterintelligence for the Ukranian State Security Service, Vitaly Nayda, accused Russia of covering up its direct role in the tragedy by blocking recovery workers from the site, removing evidence, and driving the missile launchers back to Russia. Nayda produced photographs that he says show the launchers being driven back into Russia hours after the crash. “We have proof that the terrorist attack was planned and carried out with the involvement of representatives of the Russian Federation,” Nayda said. “We know that Russia is trying to hide its terrorist activity and their direct involvement.” Russia meanwhile has issued calls for an international inquiry and says it has appealed “to both sides of the Ukrainian conflict, urging them to do everything possible to enable access for international experts to the airplane crash area in order to take action necessary for the investigation.”