UN Proposes Unity Government in Libya

The United Nations announced Thursday a proposal to form a national unity government for Libya’s warring factions in an effort to end their conflict. The UN proposal comes after the country’s two rival authorities—an internationally recognized government and an Islamist-backed parliament in Tripoli—spent months in prolonged negotiations. UN envoy Bernardino Leon said Fayez Sarraj, a lawmaker from the elected House of Representatives, would be nominated as prime minister with three deputy prime ministers. Members of the Tripoli-based General National Congress (GNC) dismissed the proposal, calling for more amendments. Both rival governments are expected to vote on the proposal. A loose alliance of militias captured the capital city of Tripoli in August 2014, reinstating the GNC and forcing the internationally recognized government to flee to Tobruk. The West has pressured Libya to reach a unified agreement as unrest continues to allow Islamist militants to gain ground there.