U.S. and U.K. Fire Libya Missiles

This weekend, the United States and Britain fired the opening volley against Muammar Gaddafi's air defenses, launching more than 110 Tomahawk missiles at the Libyan ruler's air defense site, while French planes attacked pro-Gaddafi forces that were moving against Benghazi. State TV says there were 150 people wounded and 48 killed in the attacks, but the number hasn't been confirmed. The air assault may already be affecting the momentum of the rebellion: Rebel forces are now heading from Benghazi to the town of Ajdabiya, which they lost to Gaddafi's forces earlier. Gaddafi denounced the attacks, calling them a “second Crusader war” and vowing “We will not leave our land and we will liberate it.” The African Union, Russia, and China have urged everyone to stop fighting, while Obama, speaking from Brazil, said, "We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy.”