U.S. Army Captain at Mexico Border: Migrant Caravan Not an ‘Enemy’

A captain with the U.S. forces sent to San Diego to help guard the southern border said he does not view the migrant caravan from Central America gathering in Mexico as “enemies” after Donald Trump described them as an “invasion.” Almost 6,000 troops were sent to the border ahead of the midterm elections last week in what former President Barack Obama dismissed as a political stunt designed to frighten voters. “I don’t consider them a military enemy... They’re simply migrants in a caravan moving toward the United States to seek a better way of life and asylum,” Army Capt. Guster Cunningham III, the spokesman for the Special Purpose Marine Ground-Air Taskforce 7, told Reuters on Thursday. He added: “The military is not classifying them as the enemy in any way, shape, or form.” The Pentagon says there are no plans for U.S. forces to come into contact with migrants and that they had been carrying out support tasks for U.S. Customs and Border Protection.