U.S. Investigates Jordan Troop Shooting as Terrorism

The U.S. Embassy in Jordan has denied the claim that U.S. soldiers prompted the fatal shooting at a Jordanian air base this month by refusing to follow orders from the kingdom’s soldiers. Jordanian state media initially reported that the Americans who were killed in the attack had begun a firefight by disobeying direct orders. Embassy spokesman Eric Barbee said there’s “absolutely no credible evidence” for that allegation and that U.S. investigators “have not yet ruled out terrorism as a potential motive.” Three Americans were killed in the incident, including U.S. Army Sergeants Kevin McEnroe, Matthew Lewellen, and James Moriarty. The Washington Post previously reported the three were special-forces personnel assigned to a CIA program to train Syrian rebels. Military officials told the Times they were investigating to determine if a Jordanian soldier was a jihadi or if he accidentally discharged his weapon, triggering a deadly response.