U.S. Opens Cuba to Tourist Activity

Beginning tomorrow, traveling to Cuba will become easier than it’s been in a lifetime, thanks to a set of new regulations the Obama administration announced Thursday. The regulations will lift certain restrictions on travel, business, and remittances. Americans can choose from a dozen specific reasons to travel to Cuba without obtaining a special government license first. In a practical sense, tourism will be allowed. "Travelers" will also be able to use credit cards and bring back up to $400 in souvenirs, including $100 in alcohol or tobacco. Direct commercial flights will also be permitted. Americans can send more money to Cuba now, up to $2,000 every three months. “This is basically the end of the travel ban once they work out the kinks,” said Julia E. Sweig, a longtime scholar and author on Cuba.

Editor's Note: Dreams of banana daiquiris made us skip the fact that tourism to Cuba is still officialy banned under federal law. The story has been updated to clarify the matter.