U.S. Tourists, FBI Agent May Have Been Hit by Cuba Sonic Attacks

The extraordinary claims of sonic attacks against U.S. embassy workers and their spouses in Cuba were revived Thursday as reports emerged that several private citizens and an FBI agent visiting the country on an assignment believe they may also have been targeted. At least 22 diplomats have said they experienced a range of serious injuries after the attacks, including brain trauma and permanent hearing loss. Chris Allen, a tourist from South Carolina, told the Associated Press he suffered a similar unexplained illness—including numbness to all four of his limbs—that cut short his trip to Havana, where he stayed at the same hotel as U.S. government workers who were targeted. President Trump said this week he holds Cuba “responsible” for the nearly two-dozen victims of the attack. According to the Associated Press, the State Department has received several reports from American tourists who visited Cuba and believe they developed similar symptoms.