Vegas Shooters Lived on Bundy Ranch

The husband and wife who killed three and themselves in a shooting rampage that began at a Las Vegas pizza restaurant on Sunday lived on the Nevada ranch of one-time conservative darling Cliven Bundy for a few days this year. Bundy’s son says that Jerad and Amanda Miller were kicked out for “conduct” problems because they were “very radical.” Two officers and a civilian were killed in the attack, and police say the shooters wrapped the cops’ bodies in “Don’t tread on me” flags and announced that this was “the beginning of the revolution.” Moving on to a Walmart, a shopper with a concealed weapon tried to confront Jerad, but was killed by Amanda. The female suspect then reportedly killed her accomplice and then shot herself in the head. Investigators also reportedly found white-supremacist and swastika-laden paraphernalia in the couple’s apartment, and one neighbor of the suspects described them as “militant” and said they talked about “going underground” until it was the time to kill.