Dozens Injured in Clashes as Venezuelan Opposition Leader Announces ‘Final Phase’ Against Maduro

The Venezuela crisis is entering its “final phase,” according to opposition leader Juan Guaido, who says the push to remove President Nicolas Maduro from power has begun. Fifty-two people were injured during protests in the capital city of Caracas, where video footage showed an armored vehicle running over a group of Guaido supporters. National security adviser John Bolton declined to call the violent clashes a coup, because the U.S. recognizes Guaido as the country’s leader. According to Bolton, Trump “has been monitoring it minute-by-minute throughout the day as have his advisers.” “... We want as our principal objective, a peaceful transfer of power and I will say again as the president said from the outset, that Nicolás Maduro and those supporting him, particularly those not Venezuelan should know all options are on the table,” Bolton said Tuesday.

In a video shot at a Caracas air base showing him surrounded by soldiers, Guaido called on Venezuelans and the military to join him to end Maduro’s “usurpation” once and for all. “The national armed forces have taken the correct decision, and they are counting on the support of the Venezuelan people,” Guaido said. “The moment is now.” Around 50 countries have recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president.