Video: Cop Knocks Out Handcuffed Woman’s Teeth in Hospital

Newly released video shows a Colorado Springs police officer knocking out a woman’s teeth while she is handcuffed in a hospital. In the video, Officer Tyler Walker is seen hitting Alexis Acker, then age 18, who appears to be standing calmly with her hands behind her back after a November 2013 arrest. The blow to Acker’s stomach sends her into a chair. When Acker kicks Walker from the chair, he body-slams her into the floor. Two of Acker’s teeth were knocked out, and she says she suffers from PTSD, migraines, and cognitive difficulties. Walker remains on the police force, and the department won’t say whether he has been disciplined.

Acker was later charged on five separate counts, including two felony assaults of a police officer. She had been taken to the hospital for medical clearance because she was allegedly drunk and belligerent when police responded to a call involving a gun at her home, according to Walker’s report. Walker said Acker yelled: “I hope you and your wife can never have any children… because you’re a stupid fucking cop.” The video was released as part of Acker’s lawsuit against the Colorado Springs Police Department.