VIDEO: Dennis Quaid Melts Down On Film Set

Seemingly nice guy goes on an expletive-heavy rant at a crew member.

Unlike most celebrities, who seem like reasonable, down-to-earth people who’d be a joy to work with, a few seem to be rather difficult.

Christian Bale seemed to be one such case when he spontaneously combusted on the set of Terminator Salvation in 2009. Apparently, the director of photography walked through the scene and disrupted Bale’s flow, so naturally he had to scream at him for four full minutes.

Another leading man joined him this week, as this footage shows. Dennis Quaid, standing behind a desk in a stately-looking study, embarks on his own expletive-laced tirade, excoriating a member of the crew for–strangely–the exact same crime as Bale did.

Coincidence? It seems unlikely. This could be the work of a diabolical prankster like Jimmy Kimmel. After all, he’s got history.