Video: Watch Animals in Suits Get Funky

Nashville’s Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes lay it on thick and rubbery.

Look, there’s a lot of music out there. But there’s only one band that’s dressing up in suits and donning animal masks to dance their faces off for your entertainment today, and that’s Nashville’s best-damned dance rock band Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes.

Shot in just one long take on an iPhone, the wild moves of these wild animals twitch and groove to the band's new single, "Always / Never."

“It’s a high energy, feel good track about a persistent young gentleman determined to chase down unrequited love,” explains Ellsworth. “It also might accidentally be about a stalker, though. Your choice.”

Why is this important? Because it’s Friday, and you know you just want to get the hell out of the office, posse up, and hit the local disco for some good times and funky beats. Okay, that’s probably not true, at least the last part. No one does disco anymore. But Daniel et al do lay down the type of synth heavy guitar rock that gets your feet moving, no matter how long you’ve been chained to that soul-sucking cubicle. Don’t believe me? Put on your headphones, turn it up, and hit play up above. Then click here to hear more, and brace yourself for the band’s new EP, Bemidji, out in early 2016.

Go get ‘em, tiger.