Videos of the Day: Lightning Across New York City

And everyone caught it on video

The night sky over New York City always lights up as the 4th of July approaches, but Wednesday night, it was Mother Nature providing the fireworks. A severe thunderstorm hit the New York area, bringing with it torrential downpours, intense lightning, and scores of camera-ready urbanites in all five boroughs to capture it all on video.

This shooter in Long Island City, Queens, caught a lightning strike close to home:

A man driving through Brooklyn made a dashboard cam lightning montage:

A Staten Islander captured 12 minutes of the storm (but the best lightning discharge is at around 7:20):

In the Bronx, actor and Howard Stern semi-regular Joey Boots caught this from his roof:

And in Manhattan, several people covered the Freedom Tower getting struck:

The people who shot this one, however, said what was on every New Yorker's mind Wednesday night: